Your lack of decision and trust in yourself is what is killing your dreams and goals.

If your business is not growing the way you want it to be; is it possible that you are in a state of confusion?

Are you focusing on THE HOW…
Are you asking yourself
But how do I get clients?
Where do I find them?
How do I get leads?
I don’t’ know what I am doing wrong?
I don’t know what to do?

If you think back to other times in your life when you achieved something?
What was the determining factor that moved you forward?
Yes, you are right.
You made a decision to get it!

Just imagine that you wanted to drive to Edmonton AB and you lived in Vancouver BC.

Before anything could happen you would need to DECIDE that you were going to go on this road trip.
Most likely there was a reason WHY you wanted to go to Edmonton in the first place.
Then you would have to BELIEF IN YOURSELF that you could drive from Vancouver to Edmonton otherwise, you would never set out on that adventure.
You would KNOW that you would be able to figure anything out that came up on your journey.
Maybe you would have to check in with your GPS to make sure you were on track to arriving at your destination
You would feel COMPLETE TRUST AND COMPLETE KNOWING AND HAVE COMPLETE EXPECTATION that you would arrive at your destination.

Can you see how without DECISION and then BELIEF IN YOURSELF you would have never taken the first step?

We often like to complicate things by putting extra layers and confusion around the things we want.
We question ourselves.
We wonder if we can really achieve it.

By adding confusion it allows you to play it safe.
Because if you actually made a decision it means you would have to act.
You would have to take that first step.

By staying in a state of confusion you don’t have to face your fears or feel the pain that you may have to endure.

But what you are scared of is other people’s normal.

Why not allow yourself the sweetness that life has to offer?
Why not allow yourself financial abundance?
Why are you choosing to struggle?
Make a decision and take the first step.

PS. Manifesting Is Real…
Guess what happened!  I won the 50/50 at the hockey game yesterday!  When I chose my number I felt an energy surge.  A feeling of “I got this, this is mine”.  Then I let it go and went about my day and BOOM just like that.  The winner of the 50/50 is DALEEN PINDER!!!!
Oh, the sweetness of life!
$250 in my pocket JUST LIKE THAT!
I find making money FUN.
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