The Emotions of Money: How To Create The Financial Freedom You Want

What do you feel when you hear the word “money”?


Excitement? Fear? Anxiety? I bet any and all of these might pop up for you. Money has this way of bringing out some of our most powerful emotions.


And unfortunately, a lot of them stem from fear.
Fear of scarcity and lack.
Shame about wishing to have it.
Or guilt about actually getting it.


Money a pretty emotion-charged issue, for sure!


But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take back your power and stop being controlled by these fear-based gut punches around money. In fact, it’s a must if you ever want to draw money into your life.


I’m going to share with you today some secrets for neutralizing your emotions around money.
Why it’s so important, what it means, and how you can implement this powerful practice and change your relationship to money. Starting right NOW.


Let’s start with a quick history lesson.


See, something pretty significant to the financial world happened way back in 1971. President Nixon took the United States off the gold standard that year. Now, this might sound like some fact you had to memorize for a history test once, but believe me, its significance is still with us today. Why?


Once the gold standard ended–that is, the system where the value of the currency was actually determined in terms of actual gold–the value of our money has been going down. It’s been consistently depreciating ever since.


I mean, think about it. I bet you’ve been around long enough to notice that your money doesn’t buy as much as it used to five years ago. Or ten years ago. And for those of us who have been in the money game even longer, definitely not 20 years ago.


Why do I bring this drab and kind of depressing financial “reality check” stuff up?


Here’s why: even though it seems that your money doesn’t go as far as it used to, that doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire more. It doesn’t mean that it has to be harder to come by.


It simply means that money can be circulated on a bigger scale. Why?


Because when it comes to it, money is simply energy.


See, the old business models and currency exchange methods are becoming very archaic. There are lots of changes going on right now, so many new and cutting-edge business models that can provide you with unprecedented opportunities to create wealth.


When you tap into these new models as well as shift your perception around what money truly is, you start to see that there really is no limit to the amount of income you can create. You can always create more especially if you are an entrepreneur with NO INCOME CAP!  Is that not EXCITING?


And most of all–once you start to understand these principles, you can start to neutralize those old negative emotions around money. And set yourself free of the fear, guilt, and shame associated with it so you can attract even more of it into your life.


Now, who wouldn’t want that, right?


But it ALL starts with seeing money as a simple energy exchange. Really getting that money is nothing more than energy.


If you can do this, your whole perception around money will shift.


Think about it for a moment: what if money really was just energy? You know, just numbers flowing in and out, constantly swirling, always creating?


Putting that perspective on it, when you’re using your debit and credit cards, you’re simply exchanging energy. And keeping the positive flow going, both giving and receiving.


Think of that–always giving and receiving, and with no end to the possibilities for more? That certainly would kick that scarcity mindset to the curb, wouldn’t it? (Not to mention all of the other scary emotions that show up with money, right?)


This is what I mean by neutralizing your emotions around money. And believe me, I get how deep some of those emotions run.


As a certified professional coach, I’ve worked with clients on a lot of these issues (as well I’ve had a few run-ins with them myself).


See, it requires that you really examine your own beliefs about money. Beliefs that have been there for years, whether you knew it or not.


Did you grow up hearing things like “you have to work hard for money” or “money doesn’t grow on trees”? Or maybe “money is the root of all evil”?


And then there’s another biggie–scarcity mindset. Have you ever been terrified that you’ll run out of money, that you’ll never have enough, that you’ll always be stuck?


Believe me, you’re not alone.


But what if you see money as just energy? You know, a by-product of what you receive when you serve?


Think of it this way: when you help your clients get the results they dream about, when you put your whole heart and soul into making a positive impact in the world, the money is simply a natural result.


This is where mastering your money mindset becomes the foundation of your business. And your success.


Every successful person that I know believes this to be true. They believe in abundance. In creativity and action. They believe that they can have whatever they want.


So ask yourself this right now: does your current money mindset set you up for a belief in scarcity or abundance?


I comes down to being in a place of abundance. Removing the negative emotions. And taking action toward what you truly want.


Because if you’re truly a doer–the kind of person who’s getting out there, taking action, and making positive changes in the world–you’re going to run circles around the overthinkers, over analyzers, and dreamers.


So yes, have that bigger vision. But bring it into the now. Remove the emotion. And take action!


This is the new direction that business is going: a beautiful flow of energy exchange for providing people with life-changing results. And I invite you to become a part of this world!


Tell me, how do you feel about the new directions that business, money, and impact are going? Do you feel ready to shed those old beliefs about money in exchange for something fresh, empowering, and impactful?


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Make it a great day!
Coach Daleen