Making Your Moments Count: How High-Value Tasks Trump “Time Management”

You might think at first that your most precious asset is money. But in reality, there’s one thing that goes FAR beyond the scope of dollars.


It’s something that everyone, no matter who they are, gets in equal measure every day.




And what a crazy thing time can be for Solopreneurs, right? I mean, you have your freedom, which is part of the big draw to entrepreneurship, of course.


But what happens when you don’t have that corporate boss telling us exactly what to do at every moment of every day?


Well, with great freedom comes great responsibility. And unfortunately, sometimes with us Solopreneurs, that turns into a great complication.


You psyche yourself out to think that you have all these things you MUST do in your businesses every day, or else. And with your wheels spinning a million different directions at once, you’re probably not getting the best results you could have.


Then you get overwhelmed and frustrated. And I’m sure you’re well aware of how productive THAT is!


So how do you get it all back under control so that you can maximise your time a position yourself for the win without the overwhelm?


It’s not necessarily about time management. It’s about your HIGH-VALUE tasks.


That is those high-power items that make the biggest impact in the least amount of time. And the good news is that there’s probably a lot fewer of those than you think!


So today, I’m gonna share a tip to help you nail down just what your highest value tasks really are. So you can stop wasting time on the busy work and focus on the things that are gonna get you there with a lot more ease, flow, and speed.


Here’s where to start: Think like an investor.


That is, know what kind of outcomes you’re looking for. And figure out from there which of your daily tasks is bringing you those outcomes. In other words, for all of your tasks, which ones give you the biggest “return on your investment”?


The only way to know this for sure is to track your activities. What are the results from your post here, your live video there, or the last email you sent? It’s all a matter of taking action, tracking the results, then tweaking and enhancing as you go along.


Maybe for some of you that would be your Facebook page. But then again, maybe not. You might have more encouraging results, say, on another Social Media outlet like Instagram or Pinterest. Maybe your email list is where you get the most connections and responses.


This is what the tracking part is all about: trying new things, watching what happens, and going with what gives you the most bang for your time-investment buck.


My challenge to you this week is this: pick your top 3 activities that get you out into the world and in front of your ideal client. Track them all for at least a week and see what happens.


Where do you get the most engagement? The most connections? And the most potential clients reaching out?


Give this a go and watch that visibility “to do” list shrink down to the bare essentials–and the highest value tasks.


PS. If you want some help getting a larger ROI from what you do, and you no longer want to be like many entrepreneurs who struggle trying to do it all on their own then click the link below and let’s see where you are at and I’ll let you know if I can help you.

Can’t wait to hear from you!
Coach Daleen