How To Create Your Have It All Life

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, they are both true.

I am fascinated with the power of your mind.
You are one powerful being.

I am sure you have heard the saying before “what you focus on grows and expands.”
I believe this is 100% true.

When I first started my coach training I was having a debate on this topic with an auntie who does not believe in the law of attraction.

My mother-in-law kept telling Dallan to not go in a certain room. I said stop telling him what not to do and tell him what to do. I explained that even though you are telling him NOT to go into that room he is processing it as go in that room. I said change your language and tell him WHAT TO DO, do not tell him what not to do! I then explained that whatever you focus on is what you get!

They disagreed with me and what do you think happened???

Well, Dallan did go in that room, and he DID lock himself in that room, and there was NO KEY, so we had to take the door off its hinges to get him out of the room.

I rest my case!

I believe you can have it all. You can create whatever you want in life.
It simply comes down to you believing you can and it starts with focus.
So how do you start to install that belief?

Start by visualizing what your life would look like and feel like if you were living at your highest potential. Take a moment and sense all the little details. Visualization is an important starting point in order to create your have it all life!
Tap into the feeling because strong positive emotions create motivation and desire which will then lead you to inspired action!

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Have a beautiful day!
Coach Daleen