4 Simple Tips To Help You SHINE On Video (Even If You’re Terrified To Press “Record”!)

Want to know how to SHINE on video so that you can attract a TON of new followers? Well, you’re in the right place!


I want to share with you some tips to help you get out there, hit that “Go Live” button, and SHINE on video so that you can attract new leads, new followers, and new clients.


Even you’ve never gotten on video before–if you’re terrified to get in front of the camera and actually start talking–I promise that you can do it! I’m going to show you ways that you can show up effectively, be yourself, and share your special kind of shine with the world.


Here we go!



Not that you’re boring, of course! That’s just it. The real you is NOT boring. She’s vibrant, amazing, and has SO much to share.


So why would you ever want to hold that back on video?


Of course, going all out isn’t always easy at first. The truth is, when I reflect on some of the videos I made in the beginning, I have to admit they were pretty dull.


I was trying too hard. Saying everything I thought I “should”, trying to fit in that box. Rattling off a script that didn’t sound at all like me–because it wasn’t me.


What was the result? A big-time snooze-fest!


But I learned pretty fast how to turn that around. How did I do that? By doing this…..


TIP #2: Take ACTION!

You’re not going to do it perfectly right away. Because just like anything else, making videos takes practice. All you have to do right now is simply get out there and do it!.


In other words, stop worrying about perfection in your videos and just start shooting them!


It takes time to find your groove, get comfortable, and start showing your true personality on video. And there’s no other way to get that practice than to just jump in and do it.


And I can promise you this–if you keep holding back and waiting until you’re ready for that “perfect” video, you are probably never gonna post a video. So just hit that “record” button and bring it!



Show us your personality! We want to see you and who you really are, not who you think we want to see. Let us into your world, show us what you care about the most, and be in your element.


I’ve shot videos with my kids at home, the dog barking–you know, with “life” going on in the background. But you know what? That’s real–that’s you! It’s what makes you relatable.


We don’t want to see “perfect”–we want to see you. Because the truth is, that’s what “perfect” really is.


Remember to let go of perfection, be yourself, and keep on making videos. Do that consistently and you’re gonna improve over time. Guaranteed.


AND finally…



This is your time to shine–so every time you hit “Go Live”, BRING IT!


When you’re on that video, just imagine that on the other side of the camera is a crowd of your peeps, your community, your tribe. The people who love and adore you. Speak like you’re speaking directly to THEM.


Now, I am a singer. I’ve been singing forever–I was probably four our five when I was in my first stage production. So that’s a lot of experience in front of a crowd, right?


So what I’ve learned from that is that when I go to perform, I prepare for it.  


By that, I mean that I put myself in that high-level energy before I go on. So I can bring ALL of myself to that performance.


And that’s what you’re going to want to do–you want to bring all of you when you go on! Because you’re there to SHINE. You’re there to SERVE. And make that impact in a way that only YOU can.


So I’m encouraging you today to GET OUT THERE and shine your light! Share your personality, your stories, your life, and your passion.


Even if you’re nervous about hitting “start”. Just take a deep breath, do it, and have some fun! Because after a few tries, I know you’re gonna be an old pro at it.


So make it a great day, KEEP shining your light, and don’t be afraid to get out there! Stop waiting for perfection. And BRING IT! We want to see you shine!


I can’t wait to hear how these tips worked out for you! Give them a try and leave me a comment below!

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