3 Tips To Stop Feeding Your Insecurity

Do you want to build a strong brand and a successful business?
If so then I suggest you stop feeding your insecurities.

At one time in my life, I was so insecure; I was a total people pleaser.

Trying to please everyone left me feeling like I was never enough.
Because no matter how hard I tried, I could never win.  I could never make EVERYBODY happy.
I knew on some level that I could not please everyone, but I sure tried my best to accomplish it.

After I had a conversation with somebody I would wonder if I said something that offended them.
Yes, I know it sounds completely crazy, but I would run through the conversations that I had with everybody that day and think to myself did I say something that might hurt someone’s feelings?
I even would go to the extent of phoning people to apologize for what I said.
100% of the time, they said, I did not take it that way Daleen.

So, if you feel a little insecure at times here are 3 awesome tips to help you step into your power and stop feeding your insecurities.

Tip #1 – Stop trying to be a mind reader
You don’t know what they are thinking so stop thinking you do.

Tip #2 – Stop personalizing everything
Most likely it is not about you, so don’t take things so personally.

Tip #3 – Stop living in emotions
When we live in emotions, we are giving a lot of power to our ego.  Sometimes it can take us on a big and exhausting journey that leaves us feeling disempowered when all we had to do is change the way we viewed a particular situation.
My favorite strategy is to honor the feeling.  Ask yourself what you are feeling.
What do you want to do with that feeling?
If you want to change how you feel you need to decide what you want to feel instead.
Then ask what do I need to do to feel that?

Sending some positive vibes your way today!
Make it a great a day!

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